AIS services a diverse mix of industries whether it is a large steel mill project or a clean room food and beverage project, we are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to deliver the desired result.

Food & Beverage

Within the food and beverage industry, AIS handles plant relocations, shutdowns, and turnarounds, new equipment installation and upgrades, piping, and maintenance services. 

Steel & Metals

With the right equipment and people, you can get anything done. AIS has both the heavy rigging and lifting, fabrication, and transportation equipment and the right craftsmen to handle any size job in the steel and metals industry.

Consumer Products

From precision millwright services to steel and piping fabrication, we can execute any size project safely, on budget and on schedule. 

Aggregate, Mining & Coal Handling

As aggregate materials become more widespread in construction, so does the need for proper maintenance and turnkey plant services, including shutdowns, turnarounds and millwright services.

Alternative Fuels

With a large variety of experienced and knowledgeable contractors, our services for the alternative fuels industry spans everything from fabrication services to heavy equipment installation and turnkey plant services. We regularly deal with maintenance and moving of generators, piping, holding tanks and other industry equipment. 


When it comes to working
with automotive assembly equipment, preplanning, experience, and attention to detail are not negotiable. 
Our past jobs have led us to handle projects entailing upgrading older machinery as well as handling and installing the robotic equipment that drives the latest technology in the automotive industry. 

Conveyor Installations

With the critical needs of supply chain and manufacturing processes, the conveyor has become an invaluable piece to manage and move product and inventory.  AIS excels in precision conveyor installation, allowing for the effortless movement in robust applications.  Whether moving raw materials along to finished products or efficiently moving packages across a distribution center, AIS gets it done.

Power Generation

We are familiar with the high safety demands that are necessary within the power energy industry, and we make sure to enforce safety requirements, codes, and general standards on every job, every time.