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AIS believes that safety is the cornerstone to success. It’s ingrained in our culture and is our priority on every project. 

We enforce a zero-tolerance environment for accidents, and we work hard to make sure that every job is handled in the safest manner possible. While on the job site, we conduct daily safety pre-checks and require that all workers complete a daily hazard analysis reflecting AIS safety policies and procedures.

We annually review our employees’ certifications and ensure that our safety manual is up-to-date with the latest changes in safety codes and protocols. We have the certifications to perform equipment operation certification, rigging qualifications, OSHA, MSHA training, and refresher courses in-house. AIS foreman and above have undergone a minimum of 30-hour OSHA training, and every AIS employee undergoes rigorous company safety training before stepping foot on the job site.

As with any program, there must be oversight. Our corporate safety director, project managers and foremen work in tandem to execute the corporate safety program with every person working on a job. All of our employees are work hazard aware and proactive about minimizing and eliminating safety risks. Additionally, the safety director visits all of our job sites to ensure the safest working environment possible. 

Safety is our bottom line, and our proactive approach to safety and commitment to excellence is reflected in our numbers. If you have questions about our safety or need documentation for a job, please contact our safety director.

Contact Mike Brennan for all your safety questions.